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Anti-Missy Higgins


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Welcome to the Anti-Missy Higgins. Do you hate Missy Higgins? Then join our community :)

this community is the work of frustrated teenagers seeking decent music, instead only finding shit.
we arent here to cause trouble, just express our hate of Missy Higgins, but by all means, if you want to debate the subject with us, go ahead.

Rules and conditions of joining
-you must hate Missy Higgins
-you must hate her poor quality "music"
-you cannot like her in any way shape or form

iunno, someone else think of some

oh and if you join, feel free to introduce yourself and express your hate!!

flaming of Higgins lovers is always good :)
anti-missy higgins, dance, death, decent music, destroying missy higgins, killing missy higgins, mutilating missy higgins, my chemical romance, rock, seether, techno