Caitling Mommy Matt Pierre (evil_lil_hobbit) wrote in diemissyhiggins,
Caitling Mommy Matt Pierre

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OMG, I swear, if I hear "The special Two" one more time, someone is gonna lose something! I hate Missy Higgins and her stupid man like appearance. When I am flicking through the music channels looking for some decent music, eg the used, my chemical romance or seether, i do NOT want to find that! No missy higgins! NEVER!!! DIE BITCH DIE.

See, I joined the community, look at me go! :D
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Welcome to Anti-Missy Higgins :)

"The Special Two" is her most annoying song. Please, someone, stab my ears if it plays again.
Kaaaaaaaaaaaay! *has pen ready for the stabbage!*
come on- i agree special 2 is very annoying, but can you really choose one song of hers over the other for being more annoying? they r ALL annoying! die higgins
i thought she was a man at first :o
Lol. -.- It's so horrible, we don't know what it is... male, female, a shemale...
ahh shoot me now. They want me to play that song at a wedding on piano. I had no choice in the matter, mind you. Mum totally said "Oh she likes that music she can play it", but I want that song to be run over two zillion times over with a steamroller. No, actually, I want Missy Higgins to be run over by a steamroller as well as that song.